Rockville, Utah Land Use Code

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. General Provisions

Chapter 2. Definitions

Chapter 3. Planning Commission

Chapter 4. Variance/Appeal Hearing Officer

Chapter 5. Home Occupations

Chapter 6. Bed & Breakfast Establishments

Chapter 7. Supplementary and Qualifying Regulations

Chapter 8. Signs

Chapter 9. Non-complying Structures and Non-conforming Uses

Chapter 10. Off-street Parking Requirements

Chapter 11. Conditional Uses

Chapter 12. Subdivision

Chapter 13. Planned Development

Chapter 14. Design Review (Chapter Deleted)

Chapter 15. Congregate Living Facilities

Chapter 16. Grading/Excavation

Chapter 17. Rural Residential (RR-1/2 Acre)

Chapter 18. Rural Residential (RR-1 Acre)

Chapter 19. Rural Residential (RR-2 Acres)

Chapter 20. Public Use Zone (PUZ)

Chapter 21. Agricultural (A-1 Acre)

Chapter 22. Residential-Agricultural (RA-5 Acres)

Chapter 23. Open Space (OS-20 Acres)

Chapter 24. Restricted Open Space (ROS)

Chapter 24A. Residential Short Term Rental Overlay Zone (RSTROZ)

Chapter 25. Sensitive Lands Overlay (SLO)

Chapter 25A. Flood Damage Prevention

Chapter 26. Outdoor Lighting