Plane Crash Survivor

Little 9-year-old Erika Delgado was the sole survivor of a DC-9 plane crash near Cartagena, Columbia when the plane she and fifty others, including her family, plunged into a swamp.
When rescue workers arrived at the scene, the carnage was horrible, with most of the bodies burned and mangled beyond recognition beyond recognition. It was a great surprise then, when Arturo Ramos heard the sound of a child crying. Ramos thought his ears were playing tricks on him, but as he trudged through the muddy swamp toward the sound of the cries, he was amazed to see a little girl laying on top of a huge lily pad in about five feet of water.
As he lifted her into his arms, little Erika told her rescuer that, "I was told to stay here and not move until I was found." Arturo was amazed and asked her, "Who told you this" Erika answered quickly, "God spoke to me from heaven."
In Columbia, Erika has become known as Little Miss Miracle. Her doctor, Carlos Garcia said that, "If she had fallen off her bicycle, she would have more injuries than she has now."
Erika understands how blessed she is, but she would rather the accident never happened. She will have a loving home, though, with her aunt and uncle.
Dr. Luis Oviedo, who has examined Erika, said that he has great faith that she'll do well, saying, "She's a survivor."

Ed. Note: Little Erika had no reason to lie. The stories of little children's spiritual experiences give credence to those of adults whose stories of near-death experience are often ignored or discounted. Many think that an adult might have an ulterior motive, but little children like Erika cannot be discounted so easily.

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